Campus Recruitment

  1. Online Application
  2. Online Assessment
  3. Onsite Interview
  4. Signing Q&A

Online Application

Online Application Date:March 5, 2018- April 30, 2018
Target group:Graduate students in 2018
Online Application Link:
  1. 1 Please register an online application account before you send your resume
  2. 2 Please read job lists carefully and apply for a job (or jobs) in accordance with your aspiration and job requirements. You can apply for two jobs at most and attend two job interviews based on your assessment results.

Online Assessment

Evaluation Date: HR will send students who have passed resume screening online test link by Email or SMS. Please finish the test within notification time. Students who have not carried out online application on onsite career talk day should conduct online application and finish online test before 12:00 next day.
Evaluation Content :
  1. 1 Personality Test: Questions are mainly about personal aspiration and personalities. Please select options in accordance with your practical situation. There is no right or wrong in your options, which are only for reference.
  2. 2 English Test: it is about Reading Comprehension.
  3. 3 Professional Knowledge Test: Students who are majoring in science and engineering should choose two professional tests in accordance with your major and skilled areas. Students who are majoring in liberal arts should finish professional tests designed for targeted position(or positions).

Onsite Interview

Interview Date: March-April
Interview process Initial and second round of interview about Professional Knowle
Interview Location:Students will be notified specifically.
  1. 1 You will be notified by SMS and Email before the day of interview. Please make sure you can receive our message in either way.
  2. 2 Students will attend two rounds of interview, which is technical interview and HR interview respectively. interview result is decided in accordance with your comprehensive performance.

Signing Q&A

Onsite Signing Q&A will be held the day after interview, when students will sign offers.